Accessibility Guidance

In order for the workshop to be accessible to everyone, we ask that you follow these guidelines when submitting your paper or lightning talk:

  • allow for non-native English speakers by using simple language
  • allow for colour blind people by
    • not using conflicting colours - particularly red/green or blue/orange
    • not using colour as the sole indicator of importance (e.g. also have some numbered scale)
    • choosing colours from a colourblind-friendly palette
  • avoid excessive use of animation
  • allow for sight impairment and use of screen readers by
    • using uncluttered backgrounds
    • appropriately sizing text, especially on images
    • adding ALT-TEXT behind diagrams and images (for presentations that will be available online)
    • adding a unique title for each slide
    • use sufficient contrast between text and background colours
  • use simple table structures with clear headings
  • use larger font sizes and sufficient white space
  • avoid adding too much content per slide or making slides busy
  • videos should be made accessible to visually-impaired and hearing-impaired persons